Scottish Highlands

Over the last few years, choosing a staycation over a holiday abroad has increased in popularity. While many didn’t have a choice recently with travel being restricted, many have come to see that there is no need to go abroad when the UK has a wealth of natural beauty right on its doorstep.

One such beauty spot is the Scottish Highlands – it really is the Scotland you have imagined all these years. Welcoming people, a rich culture, stunning landscapes, castles galore, and delicious food. What more could you need for a weekend getaway or a longer break?

Here at Follow Frank, we have the perfect solution to make your break to the Scottish Highlands that much better – fully fitted motorhomes and camper vans. Why not read on to find out more about what the Scottish Highlands has to offer and why motorhomes and camper vans are a great option.

What are the Scottish Highlands?

The Scottish Highlands are a mountainous region in the Northwest of Scotland, with the famed Loch Ness at its centre. The Highlands stretch from Fort William in the west, right up to the coast by Skye, then around the north coast 500 to Durness and John O’Groats in the far north. It also runs up to Inverness, out to Elgin, and takes in Aviemore and some of the Cairngorms National Park.

Why Visit the Scottish Highlands?

As you can see from the above, there is a vast landscape to visit and take in with the Scottish Highlands. From culture and food to history and scenic landscapes, there is always something more to do or see here. It can be difficult to know where to even begin, but with a trip to the Scottish Highlands, you will never be bored.

Below, we have outlined some of the most popular things to do in the Scottish Highlands on your motorhome or camper van trip.

Things to Do in the Scottish Highlands

With so many things to do and see, where do you even begin to explore the Scottish Highlands? Well, with a camper van or motorhome, you make your own itinerary, so you can slow down and take the time to explore some of the many hidden gems within the Scottish Highlands.

There is no shortage of options, from city and countryside to the coast, from castles and Highland music to mountains and wildlife. Whatever your favourite adventure is, you are sure to find it here. Just a few of the many areas you can visit include:

  • Loch Ness
  • Dunrobin Castle
  • Great Glen Way
  • Culloden Battlefield
  • Clava Cairns
  • Malt Whisky Trail
  • Jacobite Steam Train

If you are on a budget, the Scottish Highlands have many free things to do, all of which are brimming with culture, history, and beauty. You can delve into Jacobite history at a museum or explore a prehistoric burial site. Perhaps you wish to capture a railway engineering wonder or hike through the stunning landscape. The best things in life, and the Scottish Highlands, are free, with no shortage of areas to visit.

Why Hire a Camper Van for the Trip?

You might be thinking, “surely, I can still visit these places while staying at a hotel?”. Well, yes, you absolutely can do that, but with the Scottish Highlands being so vast and everything so spread out, being limited to one spot might be detrimental to your exploring. There might be areas you wish to explore that are further afield than your hotel, making travel to it difficult. While you could move to different hotels throughout your trip, this can become costly and just a downright nuisance.

The much better option is to be mobile throughout your entire trip, going and staying where you wish, and the best way to do this is through a motorhome or camper van. These are essentially a hotel on wheels, providing you with the necessities such as a place to sleep, eat, and wash, but being much more flexible with your location.

You can drive your motorhome or camper van to the area you wish to explore and stay a night before moving on to the next area of interest. This way, you get to see much more of the Scottish Highlands in comfort and style.

Why Follow Frank?

Here at Follow Frank, we are the home of camper vans and motorhomes, and we offer a range of vehicles to suit any needs. We boast three types of motorhomes and two types of camper vans, all of which are fully outfitted for your comfort. And you can tailor your package to suit your requirements with our extras.

Every motorhome or camper van comes with all your basic amenities, such as cleaning equipment, bedding, and linen. They also come with all the necessities to run the camper van or motorhome, such as fuel, electric hook-up cable, full LPG gas canisters, levelling blocks, and user guides.

On top of our standard camper van or motorhome hire, you can add extras such as:

  • Pets
  • Welcome Hamper
  • BBQ

With Follow Frank, you can tailor make your perfect getaway to the Scottish Highlands with everything you need in your ride. To find out more, call us on +44 7557535617 or email

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